Ten pieces about the mysteries, realities, and prospects of airwaves. 30-minute mix with works by The Android Sisters, Dan Lander, Negativland, Phil Harmonic and others.

detail cover art William S. Burroughs – Nothing Here Now But The Recordings (1981, Industrial Records)

Realized for Cashmere Radio’s day-long broadcast during the exhibition Radio-Aktivität at Lenbachhaus in Munich on 24 July 2020.

Featured cover art: The Conet Project ‎– Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations

The Poetry of DIY – Ideas Expressed With Sound (1956-2016)

39 minutes of ideas being expressed with sound: made up trains, works with found sounds, or a collective approach in making music – realized by Amy Taubin, Angus & Hetty MacLise, Tom Recchion, Tuli Kupferberg and others.

Vladimir Ussachevsky – Wireless Fantasy

homage to Lee De Forrest, whose invention of the vacuum tube made modern radio possible (1960, Ellipsis Arts)

William S. Burroughs – The Total Taste Is Here – News Cut-Up

fathoming the potential of radio news for cut-ups (early 1960’s, Industrial Records)

Phil Harmonic – Radio Music (mixed by “Blue” Gene Tyranny)

four channels of changing radio information, mixed “intuitively” down to pseudo-stereo (1980, Lovely Music)

Dan Lander – Talking To A Loudspeaker: Call Now

call-in program with technical problems (1988-90, Empreintes Digitales)

Negativland – Over The Edge Vol. 2: Pastor Dick: Muriel’s Purse Fund – Bible Quiz

shaping the concept of culture jamming, i.e. ‘pirating’ public radio frequencies and subverting them for independent communication (excerpt, 1982, Seeland)

Angus MacLise – Shortwave-India

bathing in airwaves (1968-72, Siltbreeze)

Gregory Whitehead – Little Tina

WFMU live-to-air screamscape (with Kenny G.) (2004, excerpt)

The Android Sisters – Ray-Dee-Oh

radio play producers lamenting the demise of radio (1984, EM Records)

Stewart Home – Boycott Stockhausen

spontaneous conversation during an arranged call-in, broadcast live on Brighton Festival Radio (1993, Sabotage Editions)

The Conet Project –  Eastern Music Station

shortwave radio station of unknown origin, believed to be operated by a government agency to communicate with a deployed spy (1997, Irdial Discs)

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