More Poetry of DIY – Using the Means at Hand (1967-2011)

It is a common misconception that DIY music productions are necessarily realized without a budget. In fact, their most striking characteristic is that they aim to create unique listening experiences by using the means at hand. 36 minutes with works by Blancmange, Gregory Whitehead, Minus Delta T, People Like Us and others.Visit Mix Page

The Forever Mixtape

With more than 10k archived releases, Paul Paulun tells a personal history of music and sound art.

    Paul Paulun

    A field recording artist, a sound research engineer, an audio collector, a writer on the most imaginable diverse topics within the spectrum, and much more. On Deutschlandfunk-Kultur, he is called a sonic archeologist. His DJ-set at Barcelona‘s Sonar Festival 1997 was heralded as next millenium’s chill-out.

    Magical Journeys Through Music and Time: NYC

    In Liminal Spaces – Angus MacLise

    Trance is an important aspect in Angus MacLise’s sound works. The drummer, composer, poet and calligrapher was a link between Beat culture, New York City’s art scene in the Sixties, and the hippies. 78 minutes with material by an originator who never released a record during his short life.