The Forever Mixtape

With more than 10k archived releases, Paul Paulun tells a personal history of music and sound art.

    Paul Paulun

    Paul Paulun is a field recording artist, a sound research engineer, an audio collector, a writer on the most imaginable diverse topics within the spectrum, and much more. On Deutschlandfunk-Kultur, he is called a sonic archeologist. His DJ-set at Barcelona‘s Sonar Festival 1997 was heralded as next millenium’s chill-out.

    Magical Journeys Through Music and Time: NYC

    Headroom (7): Between

    Shiny errors, a Rubaiyat of love, wisdom from an ancient past and a report from when in flight mode. 21st century chill-out music made between 1970 and 2023.

    In Liminal Spaces – Angus MacLise

    Trance is an important aspect in Angus MacLise’s sound works. The drummer, composer, poet and calligrapher was a link between Beat culture, New York City’s art scene in the Sixties, and the hippies. 78 minutes with material by an originator who never released a record during his short life.