Hello, USA! – Observations From the Land of the Free (1966-2002)

27. April 2020

Addressing aspects of living in the States: phone sex on the radio, human abysses behind the facade of middle class families, cars, national pride, and country music. 51 minutes with works by Amiri Baraka, Ann Magnuson, Henry Rollins, Madeline Ridley you and others.

Featured cover art: Culturcide – Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America

Peter Roehr – Typhoo

an organized area of identical elements (1966, Supposé)

Sapphire – Boys Love Baseball

remembering a special day (1992, Tellus)

Negativland – The Bottom Line

about being a U.S. citizen (1993, Seeland)

Randy Greif – History Lesson

getting ready to become a U.S. citizen (1994, RRRecords)

Ann Magnuson – Made For Radio

on air (1986, Antilles)

Madeline Ridley – Car Hell

thoughts about transport (1984, Freeway Records)

Wendy Chambers – Star Spangled Banner

played by a special instrument (1982, Artmusic Inc.)

John Cage – “John Cage Excerpt #8”

a matter of fact analysis (1969, Cramps Records)

The Tape-beatles – Flowers For Dead Heroes

mediating the U.S. Persian Gulf War (1993, Staalplaat)

Amiri Baraka – Dope

it ain’t capitalism (1980, Folkways Records)

Jerry Dreva – L.A. Art Scene

witnessing a ‘friendly’ takeover (1982, Freeway Records)

William S. Burroughs – A Thanksgiving Prayer

thanks for the wild turkey (1990, Island Records)

Abbie Hoffman – God Bless America

salute from the co-founder of the Youth International Party (1969, Big Toe Records)

The New York IPS – New York City 24 hours in Public Spaces

snapshots from the city (1985, Tellus)

Henry Rollins – Henry

the two Henrys (1983, Freeway Records)

Culturcide – Houston Lawman

satire as a survival tactic during the Eighties (1986, self released)

People Like Us, Matmos, Wobbly – Shenandoah

yet another pick on an iconic song (2002, Tigerbeat6)

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