Addressing aspects of living in the States: phone sex on the radio, human abysses behind the facade of middle class families, cars, national pride, and country music.

detail cover art Abbie Hoffman – Wake Up, America! (1971, Big Toe Records)

51 minutes with works by Amiri Baraka, Ann Magnuson, Henry Rollins, Madeline Ridley and others.

Featured cover art: Culturcide – Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America

Tellus – New York City’s Art Scene on Tape (1983-90)

When sound became portable with the Walkman in the early Eighties, the subscription-only Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine began to feature New York City’s expansive Downtown art scene on tape. 41-minute mix with Gretchen Bender, Jonathan Borofsky, Live Skull, Marjorie Van Halteren and others.

Peter Roehr – Typhoo

an organized area of identical elements (1966, Supposé)

Sapphire – Boys Love Baseball

remembering a special day (1992, Tellus)

Negativland – The Bottom Line

about being a U.S. citizen (1993, Seeland)

Randy Greif – History Lesson

getting ready to become a U.S. citizen (1994, RRRecords)

Ann Magnuson – Made For Radio

on air (1986, Antilles)

Madeline Ridley – Car Hell

thoughts about transport (1984, Freeway Records)

Wendy Chambers – Star Spangled Banner

played by a special instrument (1982, Artmusic Inc.)

John Cage – “John Cage Excerpt #8”

a matter of fact analysis (1969, Cramps Records)

The Tape-beatles – Flowers For Dead Heroes

mediating the U.S. Persian Gulf War (1993, Staalplaat)

Amiri Baraka – Dope

it ain’t capitalism (1980, Folkways Records)

Jerry Dreva – L.A. Art Scene

witnessing a ‘friendly’ takeover (1982, Freeway Records)

William S. Burroughs – A Thanksgiving Prayer

thanks for the wild turkey (1990, Island Records)

Abbie Hoffman – God Bless America

salute from the co-founder of the Youth International Party (1969, Big Toe Records)

The New York IPS – New York City 24 hours in Public Spaces

snapshots from the city (1985, Tellus)

Henry Rollins – Henry

the two Henrys (1983, Freeway Records)

Culturcide – Houston Lawman

satire as a survival tactic during the Eighties (1986, self released)

People Like Us, Matmos, Wobbly – Shenandoah

yet another pick on an iconic song (2002, Tigerbeat6)

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