Ever since Dadaists and Futurists were paving the way for letters and numbers to appear in the art world, they got used as material for expression.

detail cover art compilation Revue OU (2002, Alga Marghen)

40-minute mix with works by Brion Gysin, Demetrio Stratos, Henri Chopin, Khan, Lawrence Weiner and others, invented between 1917 and 2006.

Featured cover art: Konkrete Canticle ‎– Experiments In Disintegrating Language

Big Egos – Sound Works by Visual Artists (1981-2006)

Artists see things differently. 45 minutes with sound works by Carole Caroompas, Dieter Roth, Jess Holzworth and Jutta Koether, Magazzini Criminali and others.

Peter Downsbrough – Taken down

words, numbers and music as ingredients for a poetic piece (1978, La Box)

Neil Mills with Elaine Mills – Number Poem for 2 Voices

about the meaning of intonation and rhythm when reading poetry (1971, Arts Council of Great Britain)

Halim El-Dabh – Electronics and the Word

the relation between electronic sounds and language (1959, Without Fear)

Brion Gysin – Pistol-Poem

modified pistol shots accompanied by numbers (1960, Alga Marghen)

bpNichol – Clover

poetry from the perspective of letter-objects (1971, High Barnet Company)

Vasily Kamensky – Poem To The Letter ‘k’

contributing to visual literature (1917, ReR Megacorp)

Henri Chopin – French Lesson

French for beginners (1974, ? Records)

Nelson Morpurgo – Amore (read by Vittore Baroni)

optical poetry, notated in letters going up and down (1923, VEC Audio Edition)

Christof Migone – Analphabète

a slightly contorted alphabet (1996, Avatar / OHM éditions)

Demetrio Stratos – Le Sirene

the relationship between the voice and the subconscious (1978, Cramps Records)

Lawrence Weiner – Having Been Done At / Having Been Done To

letters as code (1973, Tellus)

Klaus Groh – 100 Drops

numbers as means to connect language and nature (1982, Assessorato Cultura Comune Bondeno)


an endless stream (2006, Intermedium Records)

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