Visual artists see things differently. 45-minute mix with sound works by Carole Caroompas, Dieter Roth, Jess Holzworth and Jutta Koether, Magazzini Criminali and others.

detail cover art compilation Tellus – The Audio Cassette Magazine #17: Video Arts Music, 1987

Featured cover art: David ShrigleyShrigley Forced To Speak With Others

Joe D’Agostino – Sort of

some video arts music (1987, Tellus)

Richard Prince – Catherine

the icon of rephotography’s approach on music (1984, Tellus) 

Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others – Rock Festival

Satan’s apocalyptic rock concert, remembered by satirical artist and Guardian Saturday Magazine columnist David Shrigley (2006, LateNightTales)

Janice Felger / Joan Hugo – One Minute Of Art News Update In 30 Seconds

idea from Otis Art Institute in LA (1976, Los Angeles Free Music Society)

Kim Rosenfield – Four Selections From The Book ‘Some Of Us’

from the artist‘s first book of poetry (1983, Freeway Records)

Rüdiger Carl – Sweet Mammoth Waltz

a jack of all trades at work (1998, FMP)

Dieter Roth – Harmonica Curse (excerpt)

long-term diary project with an accordion in Iceland (1981, Audio Arts)

Jill Kroesen – Jeanne D’Arc

eager for action (1983, Les Disques Du Crépuscule)

Magazzini Criminali – Bombay, Tramonto, H. 19,40

experimental theatre group from Florence, employing musical appropriation (1983, Riviera Records)

Jess Holzworth / Jutta Koether – Untitled

applied pychogeography in NYC (2000, Ecstatic Peace!)

Peter Rose / Fred Curchack – Vox

thoughts on voices coming from a screen (1987, Tellus)

Lawrence Weiner – A bit of matter

from the conceptual artist’s video work that connects male/female, subject/object investigations with bubble gum jazz (1976, La Box)

Marina La Palma – Ridi Ridi

new wave with an avantgarde background (1981, Concentric Circles)

Dan Lander – Talking To A Loudspeaker: Here Comes Everybody (with Gregory Whitehead)

the promise of one world (1989, Empreintes DIGITALes)

Carole Caroompas – Bedroom Eyes

L.A. painter and performance artist goes pop (1981, self released)

Willie Cole – Carousel

soundtrack of an interactive art work for children (1997, Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago)

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