Visual artists see things differently. 45-minute mix with sound works by Carole Caroompas, Dieter Roth, Jess Holzworth and Jutta Koether, Magazzini Criminali and others.

detail cover art compilation Tellus – The Audio Cassette Magazine #17: Video Arts Music, 1987

Featured cover art: David ShrigleyShrigley Forced To Speak With Others

Love The Residents (1971-2002)

Wearing eyeball helmets is the trademark of the Californian artist collective The Residents. Inspired by avantgarde and pop, the band anticipated the idea of audio piracy and developed groundbreaking multimedia projects. 42-minute mix with some of the group’s conceptional thematic compositions and deconstructions of Western popular music.

Joe D’Agostino – Sort of

some video arts music (1987, Tellus)

Richard Prince – Catherine

the icon of rephotography’s approach on music (1984, Tellus) 

Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others – Rock Festival

Satan’s apocalyptic rock concert, remembered by satirical artist and Guardian Saturday Magazine columnist David Shrigley (2006, LateNightTales)

Janice Felger / Joan Hugo – One Minute Of Art News Update In 30 Seconds

idea from Otis Art Institute in LA (1976, Los Angeles Free Music Society)

Kim Rosenfield – Four Selections From The Book ‘Some Of Us’

from the artist‘s first book of poetry (1983, Freeway Records)

Rüdiger Carl – Sweet Mammoth Waltz

a jack of all trades at work (1998, FMP)

Dieter Roth – Harmonica Curse (excerpt)

long-term diary project with an accordion in Iceland (1981, Audio Arts)

Jill Kroesen – Jeanne D’Arc

eager for action (1983, Les Disques Du Crépuscule)

Magazzini Criminali – Bombay, Tramonto, H. 19,40

experimental theatre group from Florence, employing musical appropriation (1983, Riviera Records)

Jess Holzworth / Jutta Koether – Untitled

applied pychogeography in NYC (2000, Ecstatic Peace!)

Peter Rose / Fred Curchack – Vox

thoughts on voices coming from a screen (1987, Tellus)

Lawrence Weiner – A bit of matter

from the conceptual artist’s video work that connects male/female, subject/object investigations with bubble gum jazz (1976, La Box)

Marina La Palma – Ridi Ridi

new wave with an avantgarde background (1981, Concentric Circles)

Dan Lander – Talking To A Loudspeaker: Here Comes Everybody (with Gregory Whitehead)

the promise of one world (1989, Empreintes DIGITALes)

Carole Caroompas – Bedroom Eyes

L.A. painter and performance artist goes pop (1981, self released)

Willie Cole – Carousel

soundtrack of an interactive art work for children (1997, Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago)

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