Series with radiophonic miniatures that tell stories, take listeners on acoustic journeys, or document situations. Relics can be poems, studio productions, field recordings, or something else. They are broadcasted in the cultural magazine Kompressor on Deutschlandfunk-Kultur since 2015.

Fundstück 260: Harry Bertoia – Energizing (1978)

sounds that trigger personal memories

Fundstück 259: Diamanda Galás – Deliver Me From Mine Enemies: IV. Deliver Me (1986)

questioning ideas about purity

Fundstück 258: William S. Burroughs – Thanksgiving Prayer (1986)

thanks for all the violence, racism, oppression, and homophobia

Fundstück 257: Geir Jenssen – Tingri: The Last Truck (2001)

exciting textures and deep rhythms in the Himalayas

Fundstück 256: Joseph Nechvatal – ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even 01 (2003)

within a matrix of androgynous eroticism and flowery virtuality

Fundstück 255: Minus Delta T – China (1984)

on the road with a five tonne boulder

Fundstück 254: Oren Ambarchi – Excerpt From KREV Kids Celebration (2002)

child care in no-man’s land

Fundstück 253: Peter Szöke – Hylocichla Guttata (mid 1960s)

bird song under the microscope

Fundstück 252: David Blair – Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees (1987)

time travel through the deserts of the American West

Fundstück 251: Laurie Anderson – The Parrot (1997)

reflecting life in a soliloquy

Fundstück 250: Branko Mataja – Tamo Daleko (1974)

ghostly and cinematic memories of home

Fundstück 249: Henry Jacobs – Telephone Therapy (1958)

a psychedelic-philosophical coaching

Fundstück 248: Trio Deutz – Srbijanski Vez (2018)

the tractor as musical instrument

Fundstück 247: Dan Lander – Talking To A Loudspeaker: Broadcast Quality? (1990)

thoughts about radio

Fundstück 246: Charles Dukowski – SWA Manifesto (1982)

a work in process

Fundstück 245: Marjorie Van Halteren – Dead of Summer (1985)

observations during a heat wave in New York City

Fundstück 244: Jun Togawa – G (Kachiku Kaikyou) (1984)

alienation and monotony of modern working life

Fundstück 243: Maria Teresa Luciani – Courtyards Citizens (1972)

urban life through the lens of sound art

Fundstück 242: The Tape-beatles – America Is Confident (1992)

the US nation as a media construct

Fundstück 241: Ben Vautier – Some Ideas For Fluxus (1989)

bringing art into life

Fundstück 240: Dennis Duck – Jodi F. (1982)

examining the generational conflict with the help of a turntable

Fundstück 239: Aunt Sally – Hi Ga Kuchite (1979)

approaching punk by poetry

Fundstück 238: Michele Mercure – The Intruder (1986)

visual work with sound, about to create moods in the listener

Fundstück 237: Henry Kawahara – Yorokobi-No-Koe (1993)

transferring musical traditions and notions of cultural identity into a cybernetic spirituality of the digital age

Fundstück 236: Holger Hiller – Hosen, die nicht aneinander passen (1983)

leaving common pop clichés behind with the sampler

Fundstück 235: David Shea – Braingames-Chess (2004-2006)

pursuing the idea of a ‘memory theatre’

Fundstück 234: Gregory Whitehead – As We Know (2005)

the border area between fact and fiction

Fundstück 233: Pamela Z – Typewriter (2021)

thoughts about communicating digitally

Fundstück 232: Charles Kellogg – Polish Dance (1916)

a naturalist and master of imitating bird songs at work

Fundstück 231: Stephen Mallinder – 1-37 (1982)

approaching human ritual and human slaughter conceptually

Fundstück 230: Negativland – Yesterday Hates Today (2019)

thoughts about past, present, and future

Fundstück 229: Gail Laughton – The Mayans 700 B.C. (1969)

human history viewed through the lens of the harp

Fundstück 228: Santrra – Dao Dao (1985)

inspired by punk and Tibetan folklore, the upcoming zen nun investigates the Dao

Fundstück 227: Valery Vermeulen – Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 03 (2018)

sonification of black hole related data

Fundstück 226: John Oswald – Baby, It’s Cold (1987)

turning a kitschy X-mas song into a cartoon for the ears

Fundstück 225: The Lyttle Folk – Jimmy Whalen (1966)

making music in school

Fundstück 224: Neu! – November (1985)

what the month could sound like

Fundstück 223: Jeanne Lee – The Miracle (1974)

love poem with dancing words

Fundstück 222: Wolfgang Müller – Das Pe-Pe-Penismuseum von Reykjavik (2003)

scenic song about a collector acquiring a beached whale’s penis

Fundstück 221: Burton van Deusen – Untitled (early 1980s)

learning from the improvisatory qualities of storms

Fundstück 220: Max Brand / Ligoa Duncan – Corbleu Marion (1963)

testing the prospects of an early synthesizer in combination with a French nursery rhyme

Fundstück 219: Marina Swingers – Casualfornia (1982)

in pursuit of happiness on the West Coast of the U.S.

Fundstück 218: Intersystems – A Cave In The Country (1967)

obscure musique concrète and a macabre poem

Fundstück 217: Karl Heinz Jeron – Cryptic Life Sign 5149 (2019)

training AI with sounds from space, a hardware store, the countryside, and urbanity

Fundstück 216: Jean C. Roché – Ocumare (1972)

exploring the musicality of bird songs

Fundstück 215: John & Yoko – John & Yoko (1969)

expressing the love between two people artistically

Fundstück 214: Chemutoi Ketienya and Kipsigis Girls – Chemirocha III (1950)

homage to country singer Jimmie Rodgers

Fundstück 213: Mary Lou Ynda – Performance Art (1982)

the situation as a painting woman in Los Angeles

Fundstück 212: The Evolution Control Committee – Star Spangled Bologna (2003)

mingling an advertising song for sausages with the national anthem

Fundstück 211: Emmett Williams – Duet (1968)

playing with words beyond etymology

Fundstück 210: Kathryn High – Hospital Visit (1985)

hospital sounds as a means for documentation

Fundstück 209: Gulfa-e-Ghani and Zareef – Train Rhythm Imitation (1955)

train imitation with drums in Tehran

Fundstück 208: Lou Giansante – Balloon Man (1985)

observations on a sunny day in spring

Fundstück 207: Woody Vasulka – The Commission (1984, excerpt)

video opera about artists on the fringes of institutions

Fundstück 206: Ghédalia Tazartès – Untitled (1977)

miniature radio play using the voice

Fundstück 205: Claude Closky – Thumbs Up Thumbs Down (1998)

the moody superficiality of trends

Fundstück 204: Allen Ginsberg – Vajra Mantra (1972)

mantras as part of the artistic oeuvre

Fundstück 203: Terry Riley – Music For The Gift (Part 4, 1963)

discovering the potential of repetition for music

Fundstück 202: Tony McAulay – Collaborative Poem (1986)

roll-call of famous and obscure collaborative teams

Fundstück 201: Soliman Gamil – Sacred Lake (1950s-60s)

Pharaonic, Christian and Sufi traditions as basis for 20th century compositions

Fundstück 200: Andrea Tippel – Ich Und Sie (1993-2009)

excerpt from a novel with German three-letter-words

Fundstück 199: Brion Gysin – Dilaloo (1955/1990s)

recapitulation of an initiation ceremony in the Moroccan village of Joujouka

Fundstück 198: Visible Cloaks – Transient (2017)

utopian dream language simulating a peaceful future

Fundstück 197: Laurie Anderson – sh (1977)

a connecting element between different languages

Fundstück 196: Greg Neutra / J.D. Elliot – Grieg Fatigue (1976)

transforming a distaste for classical music

Fundstück 195: Paul Vangelisti – Rime (B) (1984)

stream of speech as a musical idea

Fundstück 194: Jack Smith – Cold Starry Nights (early 1960s)

en-route with a flying bed

Fundstück 193: Louise Huebner – The Emotional Bondage Spell (1969)

witchcraft from an officially appointed Official Witch

Fundstück 192: Gérard-Philippe Broutin – Étude N°1 (1976)

working with a ‘personal alphabet’

Fundstück 191: Timothy Leary – Afterlife (1996)

thoughts about a carefully organized death

Fundstück 190: Helga Goetze – Rockerroy (1981)

the concept of free love

Fundstück 189: Wolfgang Müller – Deutsches Herbstlied (2003)

a German folk song

Fundstück 188: Davide Tidoni – Magico Brescia Alé (2018)

the origins of football chants

Fundstück 187: Raymond Scott – Idea #35 (1970)

working with the Electronium, a self built synthesizer

Fundstück 186: Rougoux – Happy As A Clam In The Land Of Uncle Sam (1994)

an unofficial anthem of the U.S.

Fundstück 185: Terry Riley – Autodreamographical Tales: Long Bus Ride (1996)

ephemeral encounter with the self

Fundstück 184: Negativland – The Clorox Cowboy (1989)

hosting Over the Edge on KPFA in the Bay Area

Fundstück 183: Jan St. Werner (feat. Mark E. Smith) – VS Cancelled (2012)

sacking artists due to market conditions

Fundstück 182: Peter Rose and Fred Curchack – Vox (1985)

thoughts about faces on screens and their voices

Fundstück 181: Charlemagne Palestine – Ssingggg Sschlllingg Sshpppingg (2013)

teaching plush toys

Fundstück 180: Brian Hodgson – Tardis (1963)

sound for a spacecraft traveling in time

Fundstück 179: Sten Hanson – Che (1968)

the life of the revolutionary, conceptually minimized

Fundstück 178: Sudden Infant – Untitled (Kleine Hände) (1999)

interpretation of an awful protest song

Fundstück 177: Jerry Dreva – L.A. Art Scene (1982)

gentrification in Los Angeles during the early Eighties

Fundstück 176: The Evolution Control Committee – I Don’t Care (2003)

the attitude of I Don’t Care in rock and pop

Fundstück 175: Klaus Groh – 100 Drops (1982)

language and nature in a duet

Fundstück 174: Ruth Anderson – The Pregnant Dream (1968)

potential and volatility of dreams

Fundstück 173: Four Horsemen – Monotony (1970)

poetry as a collective experience

Fundstück 172: Plunderphonic – Black (1989)

new possibilities for stealing artistically with the sampler

Fundstück 171: Gregory Whitehead & Dan Lander – Here Comes Everybody (1989)

the vision of a united world

Fundstück 170: Arthur Køpcke – Was ist Das (Piece No. 2, 1959)

skeptical everyday observations

Fundstück 169: Hasegawa Advertising Company – Ferryboat Of Tears (Street Recording, 1992)

street music for advertising purposes in Tokyo

Fundstück 168: Ferdinand Kriwet – Apollo Amerika (Hörtext VI, 1969)

Wortkunst on its way to the public

Fundstück 167: Jon Hassell – Empire I (1983)

Magical Realism in music

Fundstück 166: Alva Noto + Anne-James Chaton – Lune (2019)

pitfalls in the fusion of man and machine

Fundstück 165: Zigaretten rauchen – Systemhaus (2000)

system considerations

Fundstück 164: David Dunn – Mimus Polyglottos (1976)

linguistic interaction between electronic sounds and a bird

Fundstück 163: Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir – Svatba (1975)

the mysterious splendor of Bulgarian folk songs

Fundstück 162: Barrett Golding – Cityphony (1985)

soundscape of an imagined city

Fundstück 161: Daphne Oram – Anacin Components (early 1960s)

meticulous production of sound effects for a pain killer commercial

Fundstück 160: The Android Sisters – Money, Money, Money (1982)

alienation in the beginning age of personal computers

Fundstück 159: Banda – Drummed Message (1982)

drummed news from the Central African Republic

Fundstück 158: Adolf Wölfli – Trauer-Marsch. Soh, Dah währ das, früsche Heft (1930)

art from a psychiatric ward

Fundstück 157: David Shire – Ride Of The Valkyries (Studio Version, 1978)

discarded soundtrack for a helicopter attack in Apocalypse Now

Fundstück 156: Walter Ruttmann – Wochenende (1930)

portrait of a weekend in Berlin – in cut-up manner

Fundstück 155: Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton – The Quail Song (1985)

song to depict the life of a fictional ethnic group

Fundstück 154:  David Wojnarowicz – Cross Country (February-March 1989)

diary-like entries on audio cassettes while on tour through the USA by car

Fundstück 153: Laurie Spiegel – A Strand of Life (1990)

viroid translated into sound

Fundstück 152: Mika Sasaki – In The Taxi (2006)

a taxi in Tokyo as location for a remix

Fundstück 151: Selten Gehörte Musik – ‎3. Berliner Dichterworkshop 12./13.7.73

musical experiments as material for teaching the fathers

Fundstück 150: Brian Joseph Davis – Eula (2007)

sung End User License Agreement

Fundstück 149: The Residents – Eskimo Acapella Suite (1979)

the displacement of traditionally oriented ethnic groups by American consumer culture

Fundstück 148: Katsuro Tajima – Exercise (Mega Panel) (1990)

melody to attract customers for the video game Mega Panel

Fundstück 147: Anne Waldman – Lady Tactics (1974)

poem based on weird ideas some men have about women

Fundstück 146: Stock, Hausen & Walkman – Going Up (1993)

in the elevator of a strange department store

Fundstück 145: Sten Hanson – The Glorious Desertion (1969)

voices against the Vietnam War as basis of a Text-Sound poem

Fundstück 144: Arseny Avraamov – Symphony Of Sirens (1922)

factory sirens, bus-, car- and fog horns, artillery and choirs merge into music

Fundstück 143: Rolf Dieter Brinkmann – Jetzt Ist Winter In Köln (1973)

own experiences as basis for poetic creations 

Fundstück 142: Henri Chopin – La Chanson Du Parlement Européen (1968)

human and machine sounds telling a story together

Fundstück 141: Alvin Curran – Maritime Rites (1986)

orientation as a sensual experience

Fundstück 140: Team of Jeremy Roht, West Dawson, Yukon-Territory (2001)

singing sled dogs at minus 20 degrees

Fundstück 139: Max Mathews – Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two) (1961)

the room-sized IBM 704 computer learns to sing

Fundstück 138: Sonic Youth – Audience (1983)

euphorized concert audience turns out to be a wild horde

Fundstück 137: Jerusalem In My Heart – Kol El ‘Aalam O’youn (People Are All Eyes) (2018)

traditional Arabic song becomes a transcendental, experimental folk music experience

Fundstück 136: M’lou Zahner Ollswang – Mosquitos (1985)

cinéma vérité applied to radio

Fundstück 135: T.H. O’Beirne – Enneadic Selections (1968)

computer-generated music in the style of bagpipes

Fundstück 134: Janek Schaefer – Field Recording (2004)

force majeure as an opportunity for discovery

Fundstück 133: Haruomi Hosono – Talking (1983)

minimal ambient music for a lifestyle shop in Tokyo

Fundstück 132: John Fahey – The Singing Bridge of Memphis, Tennessee (1968)

American Primitive Guitar meets Musique concrète 

Fundstück 131: Hutton School Choir – Busy Streets (1970s)

traffic education for children with music

Fundstück 130: David Behrman & George Lewis – Installation for Parc de La Villette (1986)

man and machine merge in an intermedia installation

Fundstück 129: Allen Ginsberg / Cornershop – When the Light Appears Boy (1995)

Ginsberg poem embedded in a soundscape from Punjab

Fundstück 128: Joe Brainard – Excerpt From More I Remember More (1970)

cartography of the human soul

Fundstück 127: Akio Suzuki – Tochu Ga Oka (2000)

cosmic eternity as background for traditional Japanese flute sounds

Fundstück 126: Paul de Vree – Veronika (1962)

tape adaptation of a concrete sound poem

Fundstück 125: Can – Ethnological Forgery Series #27 (1970)

imitating world music with the means at hand

Fundstück 124: Ror Wolf – Der Ball ist rund (1979)

montage with material from football reporters on air

Fundstück 123: John Giorno – Eating Human Meat (1975)

a metropolitan confronted with his inner voice

Fundstück 122: Åke Hodell – Structures III (1967)

the noises of the machinery of war

Fundstück 121: People Like Us – Help Me To Help Myself (2010)

transferring music of the collective subconscious into dreamy landscapes

Fundstück 120: C-Schulz – KreuzChor (1991)

DIY experiment

Fundstück 119: Ann Magnuson and John Cale – Helmut Newton Told Me (1993)

tribute to John Cage, in his narrative style

Fundstück 118: Eckart Rahn – Pachinko In Your Head (1998)

imaginary symphony in an arcade with hundreds of pachinko machines

Fundstück 117: M.A. Numminen – Song VI: Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen (1966)

philosophy for beginners

Fundstück 116: Various Artists – The East Village Other (1966)

crowdfunding with a record

Fundstück 115: Refusenik – 125th (Zavel) (2017)

Jewish singing interpreted with a synthesizer

Fundstück 114: Mark E. Smith – Football Results (2005)

reading the match day

Fundstück 113: Jane Philbrick – Common Prayer (2000)

a politician’s resignation speech reenacted by priests

Fundstück 112: François Dufrêne – Extrait du Cimetière Marin de Paul Valéry, Musique Duke Ellington (1957)

the concept of lecture collage

Fundstück 111: The Fugs – Marijuana (1968)

glorification of the drug by political psychedelics

Fundstück 110: Richard Huelsenbeck – Ende Der Welt (1916)

impressions during the First World War

Fundstück 109: Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game (Theme From The Circus) (1978)

Japanese electro pop inspired by computer game sounds

Fundstück 108: Karen Michel – Postcard From Mzima Springs (1985)

unwanted experiences during a trip to Kenya

Fundstück 107: Yasuaki Shimizu – Honda (1987)

music for advertising that doesn’t sound like it

Fundstück 106: Erik Jan Hanussen – Die hellsehende Schallplatte (1932)

predictions for the year 1932

Fundstück 105: Das Original Oberkreuzberger Nasenflötenorchester: Der Grindchor – Joch Esel Hue (1998)

a special association of musicians from Berlin-Kreuzberg

Fundstück 104: Toshi Ichiyanagi – Music for Living Space (1970)

metabolic architect Kisho Kurokawa’s thoughts on Western hegemony and contemporary architecture

Fundstück 103: Kristin Oppenheim – Long Gone (1995)

longing and loneliness expressed in a few words

Fundstück 102: Ronald Steckel / Wolfgang Neuss – Die größte Wandzeitung der Welt. Zustand: Juni bis August 1983

the Berlin Wall, read by Wolfgang Neuss

Fundstück 101: Sten Hanson – Am strengsten verboten (1981)

tape poem, inspired by strict prohibitions

Fundstück 100: Paul De Marinis – March (1995)

the influence of new sound carriers on listening habits

Fundstück 99: Otto Nebel – Gefeit gegen Irre (1923/24)

text consisting of six consonants and three vowels

Fundstück 98: Hecker – lulliski sim con (2003)

the computer as an independent musical instrument

Fundstück 97: Kurt Schwitters – Drei (1922) (metronome version, 2004)

the lyrical potential of numbers

Fundstück 96: Jerome Rothenberg – The Opening of the Horse Song, Number Eleven, A total Translation from the Navajo (1976)

ethnopoetics as means for experiencing rites of other cultures

Fundstück 95: Raymond Scott – Lullaby (1962)

how to calm crying babies with synthesizer loops

Fundstück 94: Felix Kubin – Anrufbeantworter (2014)

surprising news when coming home

Fundstück 93: Jaap Blonk – Nonomotithur (1998)

the mysterious and poetry, combined in a sound poem

Fundstück 92: Augusto De Campos – Tensão (1992)

language as subject of concrete poetry

Fundstück 91: Bruce Nauman – You May Not Want To Be Here (2004)

reading Bruce Nauman’s sculpture First Poem Piece from 1968

Fundstück 90: Gerhard Rühm – Pencil Music No.9 (1982)

soundtrack of drawing with a pencil

Fundstück 89: Paul Bowles – Points in Time XI (1989)

a few words and a field recording open the door to another world

Fundstück 88: Kraftwerk – Nachrichten (1975)

radio report on West German nuclear politics as an occasion for media criticism

Fundstück 87: Filippo Tommaso Marinetti ‎– Dune (1914)

poetic implementation of the concept of Parole In Libertà

Fundstück 86: Thilo Hinterberger – Song of the cowslips (2010)

sonified inner life of the primrose is ambient music

Fundstück 85: Bernard Heidsieck – Canal Street 19 (1976)

radical sound poetry as antidote to a technocratic time

Fundstück 84: Ingrid Wiener & Chor – Moritat von der Eisenbahn (1985)

imaginary train journey through the GDR from Berlin to Dresden

Fundstück 83: Delia Derbyshire / Barry Bermange – Colour (1963)

narrations of dreams intoned with electronic means

Fundstück 82: Ensemble Ordinature – Ursonate – Presto: Finale (2004)

seven-voice computer ensemble interprets Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate

Fundstück 81: Raoul Hausmann – Oiseautal (1919)

birds singing as template for linguistic music

Fundstück 80: Beth Anderson – Country Time (1979)

cut-up inspired by flora and fauna 

Fundstück 79: Andy Warhol – Excerpt From Record Bound In Andy Warhol’s Index (Book) (1968)

scene from Warhol’s audio diary

Fundstück 78: Artur Żmijewski – Polish Mass – Kyrie (choir) (2001)

choir of deaf children sings Jan Maklakiewicz’s Polish Mass

Fundstück 77: 6th PSYOP Battalion – Wandering Soul (ca.1969)

Vietnamese ancestral belief as blueprint for an audio play of psychological warfare

Fundstück 76: Janek Schaefer – Minneapolis Office Max Messages (2003)

portrait of a neighborhood with found recordings on a dictaphone

Fundstück 75: Jane Philbrick – Southwest Harbor Songline (2004)

coastline and horizon as material for a notation

Fundstück 74: Anthony Child – Colonisation (2016)

synthesizer improvisation in the jungle with live noises

Fundstück 73: Andreas Oskar Hirsch – Row Out (2017)

coxswain and crew in a rowing boat merge into a kind of machine

Fundstück 72: Susanna Hoffs – Are The Beatles Really Here? Los Angeles 1966 (1983)

CV as audio collage

Fundstück 71: Daphne Oram – Ascending And Descending Sequences Of Varying Nature (1962)

electronic sound structures as educational tools for school kids

Fundstück 70: MA Numminen & Tommi Parko & Pekka Kujanpää – elite Kolmelle Röyhtäilijälle (1961)

playing with not so well-regarded body noises

Fundstück 69: Stephan Dillemuth – Chirping ‘n’ Cheeping (1998)

homage to the European-American art scene at the turn of the century – influenced by ornithology

Fundstück 68: Tuli Kupferberg – Fields Matrimonial Service (1966)

texts from ads in newspapers and magazines as inspiration for intonations

Fundstück 67: Wolfgang Bauer – Österreich (1974)

praising the country hymnically – accompanied by an organ

Fundstück 66: Maurice Lemaître – Lettre Rock (1957)

lettrism exploring the area between poetry and music 

Fundstück 65: David Moss / Bert Noglik – Survival Songs (1996)

different musical traditions generate a new context

Fundstück 64: Ernst Jandl – Ode auf N (1957)

sound poem about hero cults 

Fundstück 63: Jon Appleton – Newark Airport Rock (1969)

a composer’s reality check with the public – concerning electronic music

Fundstück 62: Snakeman Show – I like Japan (1980)

making fun of the Japanese compatriots artistically

Fundstück 61: Funeral procession with brass band – Untitled (Burgenland “field recording”) (1997)

funeral march between pathos and comedy

Fundstück 60: Jackson MacLow – Young Turtle Asymmetries (1967)

fluxus poem for five speakers, based on newly hatched turtles on their way from the beach to the sea

Fundstück 59: Ken Nordine – Lavender (1966)

the life of colors

Fundstück 58: Halim El-Dabh – Leiyla Visitations (Part Six, 1959)

the ancient Middle Eastern love story of Leiyla and Majnun as inspiration for dealing with current music technology in New York City

Fundstück 57: Cardboard Air Band – Little Rabbit (1984)

about love in Hindi films

Fundstück 56: Bertolt Brecht – Four calls to a man from different sides at different times (1959)

the struggle for survival in the urban jungle

Fundstück 55: Giacomo Balla – Discussione sul Futurismo di due Critici sudanesi (1914)

poem in fantasy language

Fundstück 54: Bill Fontana – Speeds Of Time (2008)

Big Ben – as never heard before

Fundstück 53: Yoshio Machida – SYNTHI n° 01 (2014)

sounds from the world’s first briefcase sized synthesizer

Fundstück 52: Anton Bruhin – Rotomotor (1978)

suction of a poetically organized dictionary

Fundstück 51: Mozart vs. Mesmer – Mozart vs. Mesmer (1995)

mesmerized by a Mozart loop

Fundstück 50: Mieskuro Huutajat – Star Spangled Banner (1990)

the choir of screaming men from Finland

Fundstück 49: Frieder Butzmann – Geflüster (1982)

tape poem by a genial dilettante

Fundstück 48: The Tape-beatles – Creditwise (1991)

plagiarism as art form 

Fundstück 47: Jorinde Voigt / Patric Catani – Indonesia II, 6 (2003)

musically orientated perception as basis for a score

Fundstück 46: Mammane Sani – Salamatu (1979)

traditional Nigerian melodies transformed into minimal music

Fundstück 45: Unknown Artist – Appearance of the Vandumbu Horns (1965)

ceremony during the Mukanda circumcision ritual in southeastern Angola

Fundstück 44: Erich Karkoschka – Descent with Bells and Whistles (2005)

sonification of data from the Huygens space shuttle approaching the Saturn moon Titan

Fundstück 43: Brion Gysin – Pistol Poem (1960)

cut-up poem from pistol shots

Fundstück 42: Peder Mannerfelt – Bapere Dance 2 (2015)

traditional drum rhythms from Congo modeled on a synthesizer

Fundstück 41: Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson – John Peel’s Voice (1969)

playing with the voice of the moderator

Fundstück 40: Gordon Krieger – Sonata for Mac Voice # 5 (2000)

number 5 out of 23 sonatas for Macintosh voices

Fundstück 39: Felix Kubin – Moderators (2014)

are German music journalists just phrasemongers?

Fundstück 38: Ánde Somby – Gufihttar (2016)

Joik singing as means for communicating with nature spirits

Fundstück 37: Margaret and Jean Nichols – 100331 (2014)

meditative tone sequences – code or sonic pareidolia?

Fundstück 36: Karlheinz Stockhausen – Zodiac (Leo) (2009)

sounds of the zodiac from Cologne’s City Hall carillon

Fundstück 35: Percy Grainger – Free Music # 1 (1936)

smooth transitions between tones with a theremin, the first electronic musical instrument

Fundstück 34: Henri Chopin – Finale: Les Répressions Cassées (2008)

the mouth as a musical instrument

Fundstück 33: Konstantin Melnikov – Sonata of Sleep (re-enactment 2009)

idea from 1929 about exposing workers with recreational sounds in sleeping quarters

Fundstück 32: Jürgen Ploog – Tapes von unterwegs 1971-1976

cut-up travel diary by a Lufthansa pilot and beat poet 

Fundstück 31: Dragibus – Old King Cole (2000)

punk rock, noise and children’s music as basis for workshops in kindergartens

Fundstück 30: Peter Roehr – Hören Sie (1964)

repeating audio as a way to get closer to its meaning

Fundstück 29: Lewis Gilbert – Music for Wind (2015)

the sounds of wind at Roundstone’s Musical Gate

Fundstück 28: Merzouga – 52 ° 46 ‘North 13 ° 29’ East (2013)

composition with songs from Tierra del Fuego, recorded on wax cylinders 100 years ago

Fundstück 27: Erik Griswold – Russian Doll (2015)

self-therapy with musical experiments on the piano

Fundstück 26: Charles Bernstein – My / My / My (1982)

poem from 1974 about the distance from enlightenment 

Fundstück 25: Negativland – Rubles (1994)

playing with a Russian language course

Fundstück 24: William S. Burroughs – Present Time Exercises (1971)

cut-up experiment in London

Fundstück 23: Alec Finlay / Chris Watson – Siren (2006)

enactment of Tim Buckley’s Song To The Siren in a harbor

Fundstück 22: Neil Mills – Number Poems (1971)

poems from numbers

Fundstück 21: Christina Kubisch / Eckehard Güther – Nogondo Festival of the Sawa (2013)

recordings during the Nogondo water festival near Douala, Cameroon

Fundstück 20: Arno Peeters – Don’t wait (1996)

passage from the composition Aeroson about multimedia software from the Nineties

Fundstück 19: Moondog – From One to Nine (1953)

street music to the sounds of the city

Fundstück 18: Henning Christiansen – Abschiedssymphonie (1988)

Joseph Beuys’ final appearance in a performance – via telephone

Fundstück 17: Lutz Glandien / Malte Lüders – Project Holle (1996)

sound installation at Berlin’s Sonambiente festival

Fundstück 16: David Toop – Mabutawi-Teri: Rain Song (1978)

voice improvisation of a Yanomami shaman along with the rhythm of rain

Fundstück 15: Dick Higgins – Omnia Gallia (1980)

tape poem by the fluxus artist

Fundstück 14: Thai Elephant Orchestra – Thung Kwian Sunrise (2000)

elephants playing with devices based on traditional Thai musical instruments

Fundstück 13: Roli Widmer – Sali Sali (2000)

dadaistic collage with found material from Swiss radio and television

Fundstück 12: Unknown Artist – The Train (1933)

black harmonica player in a Texas prison, recorded by John A. Lomax

Fundstück 11: The Conet Project – Swedish Rhapsody (1997)

series of numbers sent via shortwave are encrypted secret service messages

Fundstück 10: Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Invocation for Judgment against and Destruction of Rock Music (1980s)

strange singsong against rock and pop music

Fundstück 9: Magazzini Criminali – Tijuana, Frontiera a Nord-Ouest (1983)

new ideas for theater from Italy

Fundstück 8: Urs Peter Schneider – Aesen (1976)

playing with prefixes

Fundstück 7: Unknown Artist – Music for the Lela Celebration (1908)

Cameroon’s sacred Lela flutes

Fundstück 6: The User – Print (1998)

from the 1st symphony for dot matrix printers

Fundstück 5: Allen Ginsberg – Ruhrgebiet (1980)

Impressions from the Ruhr region in autumn 1980

Fundstück 4: Felix Kubin – Noises (2014)

excerpt from a composition created with material from old cassettes

Fundstück 3: Atom ™ – Interference I (2009)

dealing with a disturbing noise

Fundstück 2: Karlheinz Stockhausen – Region 1: ‘Rouge rouge…’ in 4 languages ​​(1967)

passage about the color ‘red’ in the composition Hymnen

Fundstück 1: Igor Severyanin – Pineapples in Champagne (1915)

reinterpretation of the futuristic poem