39-minute mix of ideas being expressed with sound: made up trains, works with found sounds, or a collective approach in making music – realized by Amy Taubin, Angus & Hetty MacLise, Tom Recchion, Tuli Kupferberg and others, realized between 1956 and 2016.

detail cover art Compilation TRAX 0982 NewXTRA (1982, Trax)

Featured cover art: Tom Recchion – Chaotica

Tellus – New York City’s Art Scene on Tape (1983-90)

When sound became portable with the Walkman in the early Eighties, the subscription-only Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine began to feature New York City’s expansive Downtown art scene on tape. 41-minute mix with Gretchen Bender, Jonathan Borofsky, Live Skull, Marjorie Van Halteren and others.

Jerry Lindahl – The Indian Elephant

playing with found sounds (1983, Tellus)

I Nipoti Del Faraone – Creepy

from the modular structured network TRAX final retrospective release (1987, Trax)

Tom Recchion – Cara Mia

the potential of easy listening tunes (1985, Birdman Records)

Abweichendes Verhalten – Die Protopopows

new wave from South Germany (1983, Transmitter Cassetten)

Can – Transcendental Express

music inspired by trains (1976, Harvest)

Gulfa-e-Ghani and Zareef – Train Rhythm Imitation

train imitation outside the Tehran station (1956, Sublime Frequencies)

Renaldo & The Loaf – A Convivial Ode

heralds of the weird (2016, Klanggalerie)

Greg Neutra / J.D. Elliot – Grieg Fatigue

out of the Los Angeles Free Music Society orbit (1976, Los Angeles Free Music Society)

Tuli Kupferberg – Social Studies

interpreting found text (1966, ESP Disk)

Unit 08 / Unit 09 – Fishes

more from the modular structured network TRAX (1982, Trax)

Amy Taubin – Don’t Stop

a summary (1981, Atavistic)

Angus & Hetty MacLise – Humming In The Night Skull

from the MacLise archive (rec. btw. 1968 and 1972, Table Of The Elements)

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