The Tiger in Your Tank – Addressing Climate Change (1969-2020)

23. September 2021

“The ecological catastrophe begins rehearsing in the Sixties”, writes Allen Ginsberg in the preface to Timothy Leary’s Jail Notes in 1970 – and for more than half a century, political systems are unwilling to fight that development.

On the occasion of this week’s Global Climate Strike, here are 45 minutes of protest – uttered between 1969 and 2020 by Appleblim, Diane Di Prima, Leslie Winer, Piero Umiliani and others.

Featured cover art: Gary Clail / On-U Sound System ‎– End Of The Century Party

Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem – Privatise the Air Part 1

music against the neoliberal doctrine of Thatcherism (1989, On-U Sound)

Diane Di Prima – Revolutionary Letter No. 16

mixing utopian anarchism with ecological awareness (1969, Giorno Poetry Systems)

Sue Ann Harkey – The Greenhouse Effect

approaching the greenhouse effect whith fragments from media (1985, Auxilio De Cientos)

Dennis Dragon – 25 Years at the same Spot

observing changes at Malibu Beach, west of L.A. (1982, Freeway Records)

Leslie Winer – 5

addressing power structures (1990, Transglobal)

The Evolution Control Committee – Pollution

polluted air is all around (1996, self released)

Piero Umiliani – Apocalisse Atomica

dystopian miniature from the Italian composer of film scores’ LP Homage to Einstein (1976, Omicron)

Allen Ginsberg – A Tale of the Tribe (from the preface to Timothy Leary’s Jail Notes)

the ecological catastrophe begins rehearsing in the Sixties (1997, Mercury)

Florence – Off Balance

melancholic techno from the Netherlands, addressing the ecological catastrophe’s status quo (1993, New Electronica)

Appleblim – Greenpeace

from a series with music based on Ian Urbina’s book The Outlaw Ocean that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world (2020, Synesthesia Media)

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