“The ecological catastrophe begins rehearsing in the Sixties”, writes Allen Ginsberg in the preface to Timothy Leary’s Jail Notes in 1970 – and for more than half a century, political systems are unwilling to fight that development.

detail cover art by Jean-Michel Basquiat for Leslie Winer – Witch, 1993

On the occasion of the 2022 Global Climate Strike on September 23, here are 45 minutes of protest – uttered between 1969 and 2020 by Appleblim, Diane Di Prima, Leslie Winer, Piero Umiliani and others.

Featured cover art: Gary Clail / On-U Sound System ‎– End Of The Century Party

Spreading Freedom the Rough Way – War (1955-2005)

War is eternal, its accompanying aspects, however, have changed in the 20th century. 45 minutes with artists reflecting war‘s presence in the media, traumatic experiences, the home front, and the utopia of world peace. With Ami Shavit, The Android Sisters, K Foundation, Sun Ra and others.

Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem – Privatise the Air Part 1

music against the neoliberal doctrine of Thatcherism (1989, On-U Sound)

Diane Di Prima – Revolutionary Letter No. 16

mixing utopian anarchism with ecological awareness (1969, Giorno Poetry Systems)

Sue Ann Harkey – The Greenhouse Effect

approaching the greenhouse effect whith fragments from media (1985, Auxilio De Cientos)

Dennis Dragon – 25 Years at the same Spot

observing changes at Malibu Beach, west of L.A. (1982, Freeway Records)

Leslie Winer – 5

addressing power structures (1990, Transglobal)

The Evolution Control Committee – Pollution

polluted air is all around (1996, self released)

Piero Umiliani – Apocalisse Atomica

dystopian miniature from the Italian composer of film scores’ LP Homage to Einstein (1976, Omicron)

Allen Ginsberg – A Tale of the Tribe (from the preface to Timothy Leary’s Jail Notes)

the ecological catastrophe begins rehearsing in the Sixties (1997, Mercury)

Florence – Off Balance

melancholic techno from the Netherlands, addressing the ecological catastrophe’s status quo (1993, New Electronica)

Appleblim – Greenpeace

from a series with music based on Ian Urbina’s book The Outlaw Ocean that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world (2020, Synesthesia Media)

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