Ideas about the concept of time, music for a skier’s descent from an impressive mountain top, sounds from a love and peace duo, and such related to a studio in Munich.

49 minutes with music by Phew, Pikacyu★Makoto, Suzanne Ciani, Tuxedomoon and others – realized between 1962 and 2021.

Featured cover art: Tuxedomoon – Half-Mute

Flokati – Tunes for a Chill-out Zone (1970-2014)

Reminiscent of a certain time or place, these tunes are for a chill-out zone. 49 minutes with memories and fantasies by Cluster & Eno, Geir Jenssen, Graeme Revell, Muslimgauze and others.

“Blue” Gene Tyranny – Dreamtime: Blue Moon Rye

final part of the composer’s synth trilogy reflecting the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime – a beginning that never ends, or: a continuum of past, present and future (1986, Unseen Worlds)

Phew – Snow and Pollen

focussing on her perception of time, Seventies punk icon and Aunt Sally front woman Hiromi Moritani aka Phew isn’t able to see a future that extends from the present (2021, Mute)

Pierre Henry – Générique

Myriam’s theme from the soundtrack for the French film Maléfices, a thriller spiced up with black magic (1962, Philips / RE: Finders Keepers Records)

Tuxedomoon – James Whale

minimal and atmospheric interlude from the electronic-oriented collective’s debut LP Half-Mute; released on The Residents’ label Ralph Records, it was establishing their worldwide cult status (1980, Ralph Records)

Johann Johannsson – Souvenir

from an anthology of cover versions released as a box set of ten 7” records; the artists invited were free to choose a song of personal significance to them (2008, Fractured Recordings)

Suzanne Ciani – Yukon

music with Buchla synthesizer and piano for a documentary film illustrating the first-ever skiers’ decent from the world’s third most prominent mountain – Denali in Alaska (1973, Finders Keepers Records)

Roedelius – Am Stadtrand

recorded in his adopted country Austria, Hans-Joachim Roedelius is on the cusp of something new with his second post-Cluster release (1982, Schallter / RE: Bureau B)

Faust – Fernlicht

experienced in what a band can achieve in recording situations, Faust spend time with Giorgio Moroder in his Munich-based Musicland Studios; the results, however, remain unreleased for years (1974, Bureau B)

Patrick Cowley – Seven Sacred Pools

San Francisco’s Patrick Cowley is known for his 1982 proto-house remix of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love – initially produced by Giorgio Moroder at Musicland Studios; he, however, also licensed music to gay porn films like Muscle Up (Fox Studio) (1980, Dark Entries)

Pikacyu★Makoto – AWA no UTA

four years after forming a love and peace duo, Afrirampo’s Pika and Acid Mother’s Temple leader Makoto Kawabata create outer cosmic hymns to love and inner cosmic odes (2011, Riot Season)

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