“I’m into moods and feelings”, states Peter ‘Baby’ Ford in 1992, disliking the direction, electronic music is taking. After years of increasing harshness on the dancefloor culminating in Gabber, the time has come for exploring more friendly grounds. In the advent of personal computers and internet for everyone, the seemingly endless possibilities of electronic sounds are pursued differently everywhere.

detail cover art Cylob – Cylobian Sunset (1996, Rephlex)

55 minutes with tracks by Acid Jesus, The Black Dog, Cylob, Like A Tim and others.

Featured cover art: Like A Tim ‎– Stay Real

Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift

Minimal melodies from Japan and Arctic Norway, music for ex army gymnasts bounding about in rubber costumes, and something from New York City‘s Downtown. 55 minutes with works by Aqua Regia, The Caretaker, Midori Takada, The Residents and others – realized between 1969 and 2019.

Baby Ford – 20, Park Drive

having belonged to the founders of the British acid house movement in the late 80s, Peter Ford introduces moods and feelings to electronic music a bit later (Insumision, 1992)

Phenomyna – Into The Other World (Black Dog Mix)

adapting soulful and futuristic elements of Detroit techno in the UK, where the sound is marketed as intelligent techno (Applied Rhythmic Technology (ART), 1995)

Acid Jesus – On the Couch

when listening to Acid Jesus for the first time, Frankfurt’s techno nomenklatura is surprised the duo is from the neighbouring town Darmstadt and not from Detroit (Klang Elektronik, 1993)

N.A.D. – Perplexity

finished within one week, the concept album Dawn Of A New Age by British producers Tony Thorpe and Mustafa Ali is inspired by science fiction and Islam (BPM, 1990)

Cylob – Ofid

after giving a demo tape to Aphex Twin at a gig in early 1993, Cylob starts releasing on the superstar’s label (Rephlex, 1994)

Like A Tim – Cry-Baby

the Rotterdam based producer and graffiti artist brings a distinctively abrasive element into Nineties’ electronic music (1997, Djax-Up-Beats)

S.R.I. – Grand Slam

one of the many incarnations of Cologne’s Reinhard Voigt, who’s utilising the space for opulence in minimalism here (NTA, 1996)

Aqua Regia vs. Rhythm Doc. – Level 3

driven by an uncompromising vision of what the public should expect from music, London based Akin O. Fernandez launched Irdial Discs in 1986, coined numerous alter egos, and teamed up with producer Rhythm Doctor for one release (Irdial Discs, 1992)

Gerhard Potuznik – Rimbaud Bubblegum

spreading a vibe of relaxation – Vienna style (Cheap, 1996)

Spacepimp – K9 Law

short-lived project on a sort of short-lived label (Clear, 1996)

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