Round World – Twisted Musical Traditions (1967-94)

23. April 2022

Traditional instruments and music – twisted by electronic musicians, composers, improvisers, and rockers. 56-minute mix with The 13th Tribe, Don Cherry, Harry Hosono and the Yellow Magic Band, Sun City Girls and others.

Featured cover art: Asmat Dream – New Music Indonesia, Vol. 1 (Sunda)

23 Skidoo – Misr Wakening

gentle experimental percussion work, rooted in gamelan traditions (1984, Illuminated Records)

Futuro Antico – Eco Raga

the cross culture project from Milan proposes ethno-electronic music (1980, Casal Gajardo Records / RE: Black Sweat Records)

The 13th Tribe – Dream Hunters

ritualistic textures by an international orchestra of cross cultural musicians (1992, Review Records)

Technical Space Composer’s Crew – Ho-Mai-Nhi (The Boat Woman Song)

together with technician Rolf Dammers, Stockhausen student and later Can recording wizard Holger Czukay explores multi-tracking collage techniques with a Vietnamese love song sung to a sad melody (1969, Music Factory / RE: Spoon Records)

The United States of America – Osamu’s Birthday

the experimental rock band from Los Angeles approaches Japanese grounds (1967, Sundazed Music / RE: Esoteric Recordings)

Sun City Girls – Kickin’ the Dragon

hallucinatory Far Eastern-inspired pseudo folk (1994, Abduction)

Harry Hosono and The Yellow Magic Band – Shambhala Signal

exploring tropical grounds with synthesizers (1978, Alfa / RE: Light In The Attic)

Nano S. – Jemplang Polansky

reflecting Sundanese musical traditions in a multi-track recording studio, making strong use of overdubs (1989, Lyrichord)

Don Cherry – Flute Song

an intimate ceremony connecting East and West, recorded for Italian tv station RAI (1976, Black Sweat Records)

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