Reminiscent of a certain time or place, these tunes are for a chill-out zone.

detail cover art Magazzini Criminali – Crollo Nervoso (1980, Italian Records)

49-minute mix with memories and fantasies by Cluster & Eno, Geir Jenssen, Graeme Revell, Muslimgauze and others.

Featured cover art: Cluster & Eno – Cluster & Eno

Ambient Channel (1): Perpetual Drift

Minimal melodies from Japan and Arctic Norway, music for ex army gymnasts bounding about in rubber costumes, and something from New York City‘s Downtown. 55 minutes with works by Aqua Regia, The Caretaker, Midori Takada, The Residents and others – realized between 1969 and 2019.

Cluster & Eno – Schöne Hände

pretty, deep, and a precursor to Brian Eno’s ambient concept, which he would introduce a year later (1977, Sky Records)

The Dwarfs of East Agouza – Resinance

instrumental improvisation by an international supergroup, whose members were living in the same apartment building in Cairo’s Agouza district in 2012 (2014, Nawa Recordings)

Thomas Liljenberg – March

reflecting a dream with many faces, well known from tv (2002, Ash International)

Geir Jenssen – Camp 2: World Music On The Radio

field recordings from Tibet (2006, Ash International)

Graeme Revell – The Bälli

interpreting a piece by Swiss outsider artist Adolf Wölfli from 1908 (1986, Musique Brut)

Harmonia – Hausmusik

harmonic, minimal and lively textures from Germany (1974, Brain)

Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda – Wawaki

mystical music from Mexico, blending Prehispanic instruments with electronics (1986, Philips)

Organisation – Silver Forest

despite being the predecessor of Kraftwerk, the band was hardly using electronic means (1970, RCA Victor)

Magazzini Criminali – Africa Agosto 2001 (Pt.2)

scene from the new wave style theatre performance Crollo Nervoso (1980, Italian Records)

Muslimgauze – Ferdowsi

Western re-contextualisation of traditional Middle Eastern music enhanced by technology (1994, Extreme) 

Damenbart – Bewusstseinserweiterung

pretending to be an early krautrock recording from 1971, this clone of one doesn’t disappoint (1989, Dom Elchklang)

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