Flokati – Tunes for a Chill-out Zone (1970-2014)

4. September 2020

Reminiscent of a certain time or place, these tunes are for a chill-out zone. 49-minute mix with memories and fantasies by Cluster & Eno, Geir Jenssen, Graeme Revell, Muslimgauze and others, realized between 1970 and 2014.

Featured cover art: Cluster & Eno – Cluster & Eno

Cluster & Eno – Schöne Hände

pretty, deep, and a precursor to Brian Eno’s ambient concept, which he would introduce a year later (1977, Sky Records)

The Dwarfs of East Agouza – Resinance

instrumental improvisation by an international supergroup, whose members were living in the same apartment building in Cairo’s Agouza district in 2012 (2014, Nawa Recordings)

Thomas Liljenberg – March

reflecting a dream with many faces, well known from tv (2002, Ash International)

Geir Jenssen – Camp 2: World Music On The Radio

field recordings from Tibet (2006, Ash International)

Graeme Revell – The Bälli

interpreting a piece by Swiss outsider artist Adolf Wölfli from 1908 (1986, Musique Brut)

Harmonia – Hausmusik

harmonic, minimal and lively textures from Germany (1974, Brain)

Jorge Reyes & Antonio Zepeda – Wawaki

mystical music from Mexico, blending Prehispanic instruments with electronics (1986, Philips)

Organisation – Silver Forest

despite being the predecessor of Kraftwerk, the band was hardly using electronic means (1970, RCA Victor)

Magazzini Criminali – Africa Agosto 2001 (Pt.2)

scene from the new wave style theatre performance Crollo Nervoso (1980, Italian Records)

Muslimgauze – Ferdowsi

Western re-contextualisation of traditional Middle Eastern music enhanced by technology (1994, Extreme) 

Damenbart – Bewusstseinserweiterung

pretending to be an early krautrock recording from 1971, this clone of one doesn’t disappoint (1989, Dom Elchklang)

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