idle: Music Non Stop

idle is a selection of about 75 hours of low-intensity, high-density music to get played continuously in shuffle mode. Each featured project is represented by one track.

In idle mode, the archive is playing itself, waiting to get activated. Many tracks are gateways to zoom in on a context or artist – information that Sounds Central’s mixes provide.

Despite the versatile backgrounds of the featured artists, idle maintains a continuity. This is due to the curation of the tracks, but also because of the sophisticated AI behind the shuffle mode of Apple‘s Music app.

Since Mixcloud does not offer widgets with a player for live streams, Sounds Central Radio uses a workaround to imitate live situations. Every time the home page is opened, a random Mixcloud player appears, presenting music from artists with a certain letter.

So far, the letters A-C are available for idle on Sounds Central Radio. Each letter‘s selection has been shuffled twice in the Music app (i.e. A and A_).

Contrary to the music featured in Sounds Central’s mixes, there is no further information about idle’s tracks and they are not listed in the index. Enjoy!

Featured cover art: Compilation Death Disco Club (2001)

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