Jukebox (6): Twisted

The Jukebox gets expanded with improvised Baroque chamber music that’s rooted in rock, the inner voyage of a miserable soul, notions of the uncanny, and a forward thinking Jamaican collective. 42 minutes with tunes by Don Cherry, Gazelle Twin, Mariah, Sentimentale Jugend, and others – produced between 1969 and 2021.

Featured cover art: Gazelle Twin ‎– Kingdom Come

Don Cherry – Multikulti Soothsayer Player

the pioneer of incorporating world music into his own sonic cosmos is in a wintery mood (1990, A&M Records)

Third Ear Band – Stone Circle

improvised Baroque chamber music, rooted in experimental rock (1969, Harvest)

Michael Rother – Klangkörper

recorded in West-Germany’s remote village of Forst, where Rother already made music with Harmonia and Brian Eno during the seventies (1981, Polydor)

The Residents – The Sold-Out Artist: Black Are The Legs Inside The White Sepulchre

the inner voyage of a miserable soul, set into scene for a CD-R with animations that followed the music when played on a computer (1994, Euro Ralph)

Sentimentale Jugend – Pour Mon Bibi

from a cassette recorded by Alexander Hacke and Christiane Felscherinow at Combinatsstudio in Berlin-Schöneberg, where everybody could record somewhat cheaply for 100 DM/day (1981, Das Cassetten Combinat)

Leslie Winer – Roundup Ready

“Are we walking around in a trance?”, asks the musician, supermodel, poet, muse, and mother of five daughters from her secluded home in the rural French countryside (2013, Light In The Attic)

Equiknoxx – Thingamajigama (Instrumental)

riddim culture from a forward thinking Jamaican music collective (2021, Equiknoxx Musiq)

Gazelle Twin – Metro

from the audio visual performance show Kingdom Come, addressing notions of feralness, displacement and the uncanny in the contemporary British urban landscape (2016, The Vinyl Factory)

African Head Charge – Run Come See

hypnotic, polyrhythmic, and groovy sounds; developed by Jamaican percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah and English dub producer Adrian Sherwood since the early eighties (2005, Beat Records)

Mariah – Shonen

having expanded his sonic vocabulary with punk, new wave, African and Southeast Asian music, Yasuaki Shimizu records the final album with his band Mariah (1983, Better Days)

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