Jukebox (3): Dream Dizzy

Filling up the jukebox with diluted krautrock, adapted muzak, lost technology, and a transformed Scientist riddim. 52-minute-mix with tunes by Annie Anxiety, Leslie Winer, Sparks, Wrangler, and others – produced between 1974 and 2014.

Featured cover art: Esplendor Geometrico ‎– Compuesto de Hierro

Can – Dizzy Dizzy

a crystal clear production, further diluting the Krautrock label German bands got imposed on by the British media (1974, Universal Artists)

Annie Anxiety – Third Gear Kills

produced by On-U Sound’s Adrian Sherwood and Kishi Yamamoto, while Annie Anxiety aka Little Annie was living in the couple’s garden shed (1984, Corpus Christi)

Wrangler – Mus IIC

reclaiming lost technology to make new themes for the modern world (2014, MemeTune)

Devo – Satisfaction

reinventing the own music in an easy listening style; to get played before gigs (1981, Futurismo)

Sparks – My Other Voice

produced by Girorgio Moroder, Sparks were a primary influence for Joy Division during the recording of Love Will Tear Us Apart (1978, Elektra)

Esplendor Geometrico – Mongolia Inabarcable

industrial-ethno-noise, developed throughout two decades (2002, Geometrik)

Leslie Winer – John Says

from the model and singer’s debut album; only released in 1993, three years after its production (1990, Transglobal)

Muslimgauze – Curfew, Gaza

world music based on Western rhythms, with ethnic instruments and atmospheres (1992, Extreme)

Ike Yard – Night After Night

no wave from a dystopian New York City (1981, Les Disques Du Crépuscule)

Brenda Ray – Dreamin

Scientist riddim transformed into a dreamscape (probably mid 90s, Tamoki Wambesi)

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