Jukebox (1): Minimum Maximum

Like the Ambient Channel, the Jukebox presents music from a huge variety of backgrounds – its mixes, however, are more uptempo. The first emission comes up with European ideas about reggae, some stoic drumming, a reflection on alienation, and a track capturing the atmosphere in Tokyo during the early eighties. 

54-minute mix with music by Alec Empire, Jun Togawa Unit, Pink Industry, The Red Krayola, and others – made between 1968 and 2008.

Featured cover art: New Age Steppers ‎– Action Battlefield

Kraftwerk – Elektro Kardiogramm

minimal lyrics, maximal effect (2003, EMI) 

The Red Krayola – Green of My Pants

led by visual artist Mayo Thompson, the band from Houston, Texas was lightyears ahead of its time (1968, International Artists)

Pink Industry – I Wish

formed by Jayne Casey in Liverpool and combining the spirit of post-punk with experimental electronics, the band’s debut album reached number 12 on the UK Indie Chart (1983, Zulu Records)

Faust – It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl

a happy song, only recorded at the last minute when the band realised that the album was seven minutes too short (1972, Polydor)

Jacques Palminger and The Kings Of Dub Rock – Polizeihubschrauber

John Holt’s “Police In Helicopter” – the Hamburg way (2008, Play It Again Sam)

New Age Steppers – Nuclear Zulu

a British take on reggae – and one of Adrian Sherwood’s first productions on his label (1981, On-U Sound)

Testpattern – Modern Living

hyper-modern and optimistic synth-pop produced by Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi, capturing the atmosphere in Tokyo during the early eighties (1982, Yen Records)

Jun Togawa Unit – Kachiku Kaikyo

addressing alienation and monotony of a daily work life (1985, Yen Records)

Yoko Ono – Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City

referencing the miscarriage Ono suffered in 1968 (1970, Apple Records)

Alec Empire – The Backside Of My Brain

from a collection of Empire’s earliest recordings (1990-94, Mille Plateaux)

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