NNOI 07/20

Sunday morning Flash-DJ-Set NNOI-Festival, 05 VII 20, 345 min.


Luc Ferrari – Presque Rien No. 1 (Le Lever Du Jour Au Bord De La Mer, excerpt)

The Yeak Academy for Ancient Korean Music und Yi-A-mi – Yeochang-Gagok (Damengesang)

Akio Suzuki – Tanabata

Graeme Revell – Variation On The ‘Sakura’

Eitetsu Hayashi – Cosmos

Toshi Ichiyanagi – Music for Living Space

Haruomi Hosono – Down To The Earth

The United States Of America – Osamu’s Birthday

Jon Hassell – Toucan Ocean

Fripp & Eno – Swastika Girls I

Louise Huebner (w/Louis and Bebe Barron) – Orgies – A Tool of Witchcraft

Minus Delta T – Tripoli

Faust – Vagary

The Dwarfs of East Agouza – Resinance

Meredith Monk – Candy Bullets And Moon

Cluster – Georgel

Gray – Drum Mode

Kraftwerk – Strom

Black Dog – Flat Earth (Edit)

Barbara T. Smith – Mass Meal

M.A. Numminen – Libertas

Shrigley Forced To Speak With Others – Don’ts

The Velvet Underground – The Gift

Giddle & Boyd Bubblegum – New Forever

African Head Charge – In A Trap

Wrangler – Anarchy Of Sound

Smith & Mighty – Walking

Vivien Goldman – Private Armies Dub

I.A.O. – Gospel IV

Patrick Cowley – Mutant Man

LFO – Tan Ta Ra

Nine-L – Untitled

Ability II – Pressure Dub

Leslie Winer – Skin

Atom™ – Weißes Rauschen (Erster Teil)

Thomas Liljenberg – March

Technical Space Composer’s Crew – Boat Woman Song

Magazzini Criminali – Africa Agosto 2001

Richard Horowitz – Marnie’s Tent

The Master Musicians Of Joujouka – Take Me With You My Darling, Take Me With You

Visible Cloaks – Wind Voice

Cluster – Marzipan

H3öH – Mind Loss

Persian – Khaab

BPMF – Button

Mono Junk – Mars 31 Heaven

Born Under A Rhyming Planet – Analog: Heaven (Voltage Control)

Beautyon – Yes UFO’s

Madonna Over Yorkshire – The Swan (Saint Saens)

Mimi Majick – Untitled

Spy vs. Spy – Untitled

Bill Drummond – Queen Of The South

Brian Eno – Put A Straw Under Baby

Cul De Sac – Lauren’s Blues

Doris Norton – Tears

Haruomi Hosono – Honey Moon

Klaus Dinger / Japandorf – Osenbe

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